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  1. Choosing varieties
  2. Varieties commonly grown in New Zealand
  3. An analysis of varieties grown in New Zealand
  4. Varieties commonly grown overseas
  5. Other names for cherimoya
  Other names for cherimoya

Due to its limited distribution, cherimoya has acquired few colloquial names, with most just local variations in spelling, like ‘cherimolia’ or ‘cherimolier’.

Common Names
–  Cherimoya (New Zealand, South America, USA)
–  Custard Apple (UK, Australia)
–  Chirimolla, Chirimorrinon (Venezuela)
–  Graviola (Brazil)
–  Poox (Mexico)
–  Pac, tzumux (Guatemala)
–  Anona poshte, anona blanca (El Salvador)
–  Tukib (Belize)
–  Cachiman la Chine (Haiti)
–  Anone (France)
–  Atis (Philippines)
–  Sasalapa (Cook Is.)
–  Ice-cream fruit (Pacific Is.)

Related species
–  Soursop (A.muricata)
–  Sweetsop, Sugar apple (A.squamosa)
–  Atemoya (A.cherimola x A.squamosa)
–  Mountain soursop (A.montana)
–  Soncoya (A.purpurea)
–  Ilama (A.diversifolia)
–  Pond apple (A.glabra)
–  Manrito (A.jahnii).

picture of soursop and squamosaSoursop and sweetsop

Distant affinity
–  Wild Sweetsop (R.mucosa)
–  Pawpaw (Asimina triloba)
–  Biriba (R.deliciosa)
–  Keppel Apple (Stelechocarpus burakol).

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