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1   Tree growth and habit
2   The bud
3   The flower
4   The delicious fruit
5   Cropping potential

Growing conditions

1   Origin and distribution
2   Climate
3   Soil

Tree management

1   Pruning – why it’s important
2   How to prune
3   Foliar and soil analysis
4   Fertilizing
5   Nutrient disorders
6   Irrigation
7   Ways to protect trees over winter
8   Pests and diseases
9   Biological control of pests
10 Yearly requirements of cherimoya trees in NZ

Hand pollinating

1   Why hand pollinate?
2   When to pollinate
3   Collecting pollen
4   Applying pollen and marking flowers
5   The effects flowering date has on pollination
6   Pollination with female-stage pollen
7   Natural pollination via insects


1   Propagation
2   Planting out

Harvesting, storage and selling

1   When and how to harvest cherimoya
2   How harvested cherimoya should be stored
3   Commercial potential

Ripening and eating cherimoya

1   How to ripen and eat cherimoya
2   Cherimoya recipes
     – Desserts
        Cherimoya ice-cream
        Cherimoya tropical dessert sauce
        Cherimoya pancakes
        Cherimoya sorbet
        Cherimoya sherbet
        Cherimoya waffles
        Cherimoya custard pie
        Caramelised cherimoya
        Cherimoya bavaroise
           (with chocolate sauce)
        Cherimoya orange parfait
     – Fruit salads
        Cherimoya tropical fruit salad
        Cherimoya fruit salad
           (with cherimoya salad dressing)
     – Drinks
        Cherimoya milkshake
        Cherimoya smoothie
        Cherimoya papaya smoothie
        Cherimoya soft drink
        Cherimoya liquor
        Cherimoya daiquiri
3   Nutritional information


1   Choosing varieties
2   Varieties commonly grown in New Zealand
3   Analysis of New Zealand grown varieties
4   Varieties commonly grown overseas varieties
5   Other names for cherimoya

Contact us

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2   Disclaimer

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