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  1. Tree growth and habit
  2. The bud
  3. The flower
  4. The delicious fruit
  5. Cropping potential
  Cropping potential

Cherimoya trees begin bearing fruit between 3.5–5 years old, and production steadily increases from the 5th to the 10th year when there should be a yield of at least 25 fruit per tree (approximately 2,000 per acre or 5,000 per ha). There can be a big difference in the quantity of fruit produced annually by a single tree, some growing no more than 10 fruit while others produce 50 or even 300. In Italy, some 30–35-year old trees produce 230 to 280 fruit annually.

The seasonable availability of cherimoya fruit from all varieties commercially grown in New Zealand ranges from June to November, with the peak season between July and September.

Growing conditions Tree management  
Hand pollinating Propagation
Harvest to selling Ripening and eating

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